Doctor Rights VS Midwife Rights Who has the right? We do, right?

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Unless you’re pregnant or planning to have a baby most people assume they’re going to deliver their baby in the delivery room of a hospital. Yet many mothers who want to have an at home birth are very frowned upon. However, midwives are growing in popularity, “In 1989, certified nurse-midwives delivered 3.2 percent of all U.S. babies. In 2008, that number had risen to 7.5 percent.” But choosing who will deliver your baby is a highly personal decision that takes times.

Making a decision is especially hard for a first time mother here’s a look of each profession to help make the decision a bit easier.

OB-GYN’s, they’re the go to, your star quarter back player. People feel like they can trust doctors, because they have had to go through many years of medical school, and intense training. What about midwives? What if I told you they were educated also, does this change your mind? According to the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), “The majority of midwives earn bachelor’s degrees, then work as registered nurses and go back to school for a two- or three-year master’s degree program in midwifery.” Now we know, they are both very highly experienced and licensed.

Is money or insurance a concern? It shouldn’t be most insurance companies cover both OB-GYN and midwifery services, such companies include Kaiser, Clifton, Obamacare, and more. Not all insurance companies do however, but you can check by going on or requesting a quote, just a google click away from having a bundle of joy.

That’s the boring stuff, what about the actual day, what do you expect? Will you feel prepared, or nervous? Besides the overwhelming feelings, let me assure you what a doctor can provide for you, as well as a midwife. For a birth delivery in the hospital the work is pretty standard. You’ll probably be at home while your water breaks, and that’s an indicator you’re going into labor. You’ll rush to the hospital usually with a bag with clothes and the waiting begins. Labor usually last anywhere from 18 to 32 hours. You’ll be put in a room nurses will assist with the pain if wanted or needed. You won’t see you OB-GYN until you’re basically ready to pop. Your OB-GYN will then put their gloves on and deliver your baby, then leave as they need to deliver other babies. The nurses will stay with you to make sure your baby is okay, then once you’re both fine they’ll let you go home. However in some cases if the baby isn’t coming out or there’s complications doctors are allowed to use vacuums to help with the delivery or other tools.

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An at home birth is a lot like it sounds. Usually the midwife will come over or already be over once the water breaks and you relax. Many people don’t realize that giving labor is natural, women’s bodies are meant to give birth. It sounds scary at first but it’s not as bad as you think. You’re in the comfort of your own home, in bed, with whoever you trust most with you, you can have your whole family over if you wanted, but it just comes out. The midwife will be with you at all times making sure you’re okay, and will even let you walk around if needed to help with the process.

Despite what you decide, don’t let anyone make you feel bad, this is your body, your baby, your choice. Chose whichever will make you more comfortable, if that’s a home birth then do it, power to you!


Author: empoweredwomenfreefromviolence

This is a Women Studies group final, who researched and are passionate about empowering women and freeing them from violence

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