Our Team

 Annika Holm – Author of “Zika and the Politics of Abortion”

Contact me: holm@sonoma.edu

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Cynthia Lopez – Author of “Doctor Rights VS Midwife Rights Who has the right? We do, right?”

Contact me: Lopezcy@sonoma.edu

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Tavia Nguyen – Author of “Forced Sterilization”

Contact me: nguyenta@sonoma.edu

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Chynna Bell – Author of “Why Decriminalize Prostitution?”

Contact me: bellchy@sonoma.edu


Rylee Heinz – Author of “Transgender women’s experiences with violence”

Contact me: heinzr@sonoma.edu

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Sarah Kirkeby– Author of “Gender Violence and the Effects of it”

Contact me: kirkeby@sonoma.edu

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